Try Scuba– the perfect entry

During your first Discover Scubs Diving in the pool or close to the shore in maximally 5 meters depth you will experience the feeling of breathing under water. You will receive a comprehensive introduction on land and then set off to go underwater with mask, regulator, BCD, and tank for the first time. Maximally one additional person could accompany you, in order to ensure that the instructor can care for you during these exciting first moments. If you want to come with more people, then additional Dive-Guides will accompany you and ensure your safety. You will never forget this first experience of weightlessness!

  Best start for everybody!

  Minimum age 10...

 Groups also possible

 Comprehensive introduction

 Possible at any time

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Open Water Bild

Certification Open Water Diver (OWD)

OWD is the course that prepares you to dive independently. You will learn all the important basic techniques during pool and open water training.

Usually the training takes 3 to 4 days incl. exam.

Do you have any questions, do you want to sign up for a course? Write us an email and we will answer you shortly.

You can find the current Preisliste here!

 Independent diving

 Scuba diving certification during your vacation

  Start anytime

 Group training

 Get to know other divers

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A few prices (including equipment)

Our diving instructors are educated at a top level

We follow the SSI standards and make sure our instructors are kept up-to-date.


We can pick you up from your hotel in Cala d’Or and the surrounding area for your diving course. Give us a call!

Picture and video service

If you want some pictures and videos of your FunDive, Open Water Diver course, or of your dive, we can take these with our professional under water cameras.

You will receive these on an USB-Stick.

Price incl. 8 GB USB-Stick 25 €