The price does not include the price of the dives and the price of the equipment as it will be discounted depending on the quantity. There are specialties with 1, 2, 3, and 4 dives. If you like As a couple participating in a specialty with 2 dives each and a dive trip, these are 6 dives and you pay only 33 € instead of 39 € per dive. Also with the equipment it depends on what you bring with you and what you borrow for how long. So we can make you individually for every holiday the best price! We calculate also for your stay the best price for the diving insurance, which is obligatory in Mallorca.

At SSI Specialties, the focus is always on having fun and learning new skills. Practical diving experience comes first here. Only short theoretical lessons take place if you have prepared well with the help of the HOMESTUDY KITS. So you can fully enjoy the fun in the water and you will already be able to experience great dives from the boat during your first diving holiday.