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This program teaches you the skills needed to dive with an underwater camera, and provides the in-depth knowledge and experience required to properly use, maintain and store your equipment. Our goal is help you capture your amazing underwater experiences. You will earn the SSI Photo & Video Specialty certification.

Open Water Diver

SSI specialty course: Digital underwater photography


Many of you probably already own a digital camera and housing and you probably ask yourself how you can achieve better images. Now it’s time to offer you a structured program to this topic in order to enhance your diving experience.

Now you can share your great experiences with others. The DIGITAL UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY program can be taught in the pool or open water, and is therefore great as a “winter specialty” prior to your vacation.

Content of the course:

Your introduction to digital UW photography

Your digital camera equipment

The operation of your digital camera system

Digital photography underwater

The composition of your photograph

The digital image processing

This program was not developed to bore you with long theory lesions. Fun and practical experience is the number one priority of SSI specialties. Theoretical lessons are kept short, given that you have prepared yourself with the help of the HOMESTUDY KIT. This way, you can already fully enjoy your time underwater and with some practice be able to take great pictures.

In addition, you can acquire further skills by combining other specialty programs with DIGITAL UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY, such as PERFECT BUOYANCY or SHARK DIVING. The possibilities are endless, as there is much to be discovered and photographed at the different diving bases and various vacation destinations.

Note for all Specialties

The price does not include the price of the dives and the price of the equipment as it will be discounted depending on the quantity. ...

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Loan camera

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Available at any time

incl. SD-Card

Full-HD Video


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GB memory card

Marcus aus Köln:

Ein echt geiler Kurs - die Bilder vom eignen Tauchgang sind eine tolle Erinnerung an einen wundervollen Tauchurlaub

To quickly order your own new underwater camera


No, a camera is included in the course fee.

As the camera provides a distraction, you should have good buoyancy and be familiar with your equipment in order to avoid stress.

Swimming trunks or swimsuit/bikini, towel, sunglasses, sun protection.

An online access to the theoretical part of the course, which you can comfortably prepare in your hotel or at home


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