Pirate Cave Adventure

Pirate Cave Adventure

only 89 €

Hear the legend of the pirate cave and then explore its secret passages, lakes and halls. An adventure for the whole family!

This cave is only accessible from the sea, is about 300 meters long in total and the large hall is over 20 meters high. Maybe you'll find the lost pirate treasure in the cave.

Do you want the ultimate adventure without diving?

Explore the impressive pirate cave with us. After a 30-minute ride with our speedboat "Poco Loco" along the beautiful east coast, we reach a unique and almost unused stalactite cave that can only be reached from the water. Underground freshwater lakes, picturesque large halls and hidden passages are waiting to be discovered. (Duration approximately 3 hours).

You should be reasonably fit; there will be climbing, swimming and jumping. For children aged 12 and over.

You will receive equipment such as a helmet and flashlight from us.

Pirate Cave AdventurePirate Cave AdventurePirate Cave AdventurePirate Cave Adventure



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A pair of swimming trunks or swimsuit/bikini, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen.

Including the boat ride, the adventure lasts approximately 3 hours

  1. Meeting at our base
  2. Equipment reception and briefing
  3. Walk to our boat (300m)
  4. Travel across the sea to the secret entrance
  5. Exploring the cave
  6. Return journey across the sea and possibly stop for snorkeling
  7. Back to base, drop off materials
  8. Enthusiastically write a review 😉

You can use our safe at the base during your stay.