Mallorca's diving area near Cala d'Or

Mallorca's coastline around Cala d'Or is interrupted by a number of small and large bays (calas). Only a few of these bays have a sandy beach. A cliff that extends underwater to a depth of around 30 meters is typical.

In many places, large boulders lie off this cliff and provide excellent habitat for groupers, moray eels and octopuses. Offshore reefs offer all the fish and plants that make the Mediterranean and our diving spots so attractive.

The coastline stretches from southeast to northwest. During dives in the morning and afternoon, the steep walls and the outside of the reef are in full sunlight. But the bays also offer other atmospheres. Backlit rock formations in the caves and undercuts offer a completely different, contrasting atmosphere.

These aspects make it difficult to compile a list of the most attractive dive sites. We tried it here once. The list of dive sites at Cala d'Or is not yet complete, we are constantly working on it.

And... not all dive sites are the same. For example, to get to know the big reef you probably need 5 or more dives (Gorgonia, Diver's End, Wreck...). Nevertheless, even after over 50 dives, something new can always be discovered. The same applies to the small reef, the stalactite cave in Cala Sanau and of course to Parque Mar - our personal highlight!