Cala Gran Spitze

Whether from land or by boat – let’s go to Buddha’s cave!

  • 50 minutes
  • 25 meter
  • Groupers
  • Crawfish

During the entire dive we observe the sea creatures living between and under the massive rock formations such as lobsters, groupers and various types of nudibranchs. A dive through a depth of 24 meters takes us up into a gigantic hall with a Buddha enthroned in the middle. Gently stroking his head is said to bring good luck. After walking around the statue, we emerge back into the open air on the other side through another passage. If you pay attention, you will find the small nativity play on your left along the way. A spectacular sight is the deep blue water of the Mediterranean shimmering against the light on the way out.
This dive is suitable for experienced divers and those who want to become one.

Cala Gran Spitze
BuddhaDragon headBuddha Light play