Cala Mitjana Süd

Open your eyes - go diving in one of the ten most beautiful bays in Mallorca!

  • Top 10 Bay
  • Underwater canyons
  • Barracudas
  • 24 Meter

We stop in a small offshore bay and from there dive into the southern outer reef, where there are many massive rock formations and underwater canyons to explore. The maximum depth is around 24m.

A little deeper you will find the mullet king, which hides in the holes in the rock wall; Higher up you can often see schools of small damselfish, which, depending on the season, are accompanied by their neon blue offspring. Barracudas are also not uncommon here.

A one-way dive is possible here, even from the south in a northerly direction; The latter, however, only when accompanied by professionals.

Cala Mitjana Süd
Fish schoolMoray eelSmall indentation