Cala Serena

Our picturesque house bay – something for everyone!

  • House Bay
  • Introductory diving
  • Night diving
  • Sepia
  • 18 Meter

The small Cala Serena directly in front of our base is ideal for diving students with its large practice area on our roundabout and easy access to the water. The majority of diving courses and introductory diving courses take place here. Here you can go on a voyage of discovery from the beach and get your first impressions underwater.

The anchor blocks placed here and there provide shelter for squid and octopus, which can not only be spotted on a night dive. Nevertheless, you shouldn't miss out on night diving, the evening silence here is an absolute guarantee of relaxation not far from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding hotels.

We are guaranteed to meet Sepia, well camouflaged in their distinctive style, elegantly above the bright light Floating in the sand or remaining in the Neptune grass. Depending on the season, you can come across bizarre-looking sea hares that, with a bit of luck, dance through the water for us.

Cala Serena
Cala SerenaCala SerenaCala Serena