Großes Riff

Large elevation a few hundred meters from the coast.

  • Deep diving spot
  • 25 Meter
  • Barracudas

Our anchorage is directly above the rock massif, whose enormous dimensions impressed everyone the first time they looked into the water before diving. The large reef lives up to its name.

Here you can find a variety of underwater creatures, including large schools of barracuda, which stand almost motionless in the current, nudibranchs, octopods and moray eels. Sometimes a stingray also stops by on our dive.

If you ask the diving guides specifically about it, they are also happy to show interested divers the yellow gorgonian that grows at a depth of around 30 meters - an originally common type of coral, which is otherwise a sight to behold Unfortunately, such a species-rich Mediterranean Sea is becoming increasingly rare on the coasts of Mallorca.

The maximum depth is 34 meters.

Großes Riff