Kleines Riff

Our “Little Reef” outside the beautiful bay of Cala Gran - that is diving in Mallorca.

  • Tunnel
  • Seagrass meadows
  • Moray eels
  • 32 Meter

If we had to describe an exemplary dive on the coast of Cala D'Or, our Small Reef sums it all up. There is a narrow tunnel here, in which a conger eel can usually be found, and moray eels are often encountered. Seagrass meadows provide shelter for all kinds of smaller sea creatures and safe protection from larger predators. If you like, you can look for hermit crabs, tube worms and grass needles here.

And experienced divers can also get depth here - the maximum depth of this complex diving site is 32m.

Kleines Riff
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