Parque Mar

Our absolute hot spot - you have to see it!

  • Top spot
  • Abundance of fish
  • Barracuda-Rock
  • Grotto
  • 28 Meter

Diving in Mallorca without stopping by Parque Mar is simply not possible! This diving site is one of the absolute highlights on the southeast coast of Mallorca. With its impressive abundance of fish, it offers the ideal backdrop for underwater photography.

Here at the “Barracuda Rock” large swarms of barracudas form that give it their name and float almost motionless in the water. They seem so deeply relaxed that it is hard to imagine how they can accelerate at lightning speed on their raids.

Many of the fish species that live on the coasts of the Mediterranean can be found here, including goldenstripes, band bream and various types of wrasse and perch.

If you have a good eye for the little things, you can also discover the beautiful, tiny purple flabellinas there.

For advanced surfers with good buoyancy, there is access to a small grotto with impressive ones Light play.

Parque Mar
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