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Many exciting and iconic dive sites lie in deeper waters. The SSI Deep Diving Specialty will get you there - safely and with confidence. Learn how to plan and conduct dives to between 18 and 40 meters deep with SSI.

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The recommendation is: OWD 18m AOWD 30m AOWD + DEEP 40m. Deep diving is not a test of courage! It requires good training, the right equipment and practice. Always dive within your personal limits!

You should be able to tare safely and be familiar with the equipment. All handles should be perfect to avoid stress.
Deep Diving

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The SSI Deep Diving Specialty will teach you all you need to dive to depths between 18 and 40 meters, through a mixture of academic sessions and open water dives. You will learn to plan and safely complete your deep diving adventures and use computers and gas consumption calculations to get the most from your deep dives. Upon completion, you will earn your SSI Deep Diving Specialty certification and be able to explore beautiful deep dive sites wherever you choose. This SSI Specialty is also a prerequisite for some advanced training, making it the next logical step to take in your dive education.

Your Total Diving System & Deep Diving
Planning Your Deep Dive
Your Deep Dive
Potential Hazards of Your Deep Dive
Your Repetitive Deep Dive

Minimum Age


Academic Sessions


Open Water Sessions

40 m / 130 ft

Maximum Training Depth

10 - 15h

Suggested duration

Open Water Diver certification


At SSI Specialties, the focus is always on having fun and learning new skills.
Practical diving experience is the top priority here.
There are only short theoretical lessons, provided you have prepared well with the help of the HOMESTUDY KITS .
So you can fully enjoy the fun in the water and after a little practice you will make great discoveries at night.

Note for all specialties:
If not Otherwise stated, the price does not include the price of the course dives and the price of the equipment.